International Dilema

I have to admit to being of two minds about the many international Worldcon bids that have shown up for the next few years. It’s really awesome Worldcon is being pusehd to be something that actually happens all over the world instead of out of the US every four or five years, but on the other hand, I can’t really afford an international vacation as frequently as it might end up happening. If votes go certain ways, I’ll end up being out of country every year starting next year and with the exception of 2016, which YAY (for a number of reasons) will be in Kansas City, Missouri.

I know there are other options if I find that my financial situation won’t support such plans like NASFiCs, working on local cons instead or just taking a freaking year off. If you can’t afford the hobby, get a new hobby and all that, but…blah. All of the cool kids are at Worldcon!

I spend a significant amount of my time online socially, so Worldcon is like the closest thing I get to a family reunion.

“Friend reunion,” you say, attempting to correct me.
“No, family reunion. These people are close to me than just friends.”

Someone invent a teleportation device now, please?

One response to “International Dilema”

  1. My thoughts on this are obvious, i think it is better that it is not set in one country… And it is fun to try and get to the US Cons!

    However while it has been in Europe traditionally about one every ten years in the past, it means its a big thing. It is worth travelling from all across Europe for it. However i am not sure if it is happen as often as even once every three to four years (That seems to be where it is heading) then is it as big a thing, will you get the numbers.

    A lot of the tradition of the Worldcon is based in the US, however Worldcons outside the US have a very different tradition. It is a weird thought.

    So the only US based bids i am aware of for the next five years are KC and New Orleans. though the Canadian bid is pretty close to the US.

    I am not sure how i feel about things. Though i guess i might have to consider getting involved in some of these European bids….Though my french may not be up to Paris!

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