First Impressions

Aaaaaah, this is my first day at Y&R!

I’ve been here for about seven hours and I’ve spent the majority of my time waiting on tech support, but since I had absolutely no expectations other than ‘awesomeness’ going in, I’m pretty happy with everything. 

My boss is fantastic (and no, I’m not just saying that here hoping that she’ll find this). While I have been wrestling with IT so I can get online and you know deal with stuff, she’s been walking me through all of the things that I’ll be working on, getting deadlines, and etc. Essentially helping me dive in to the deep water that I want to be in. Half of the other interns still haven’t actually gotten to meet their supervisors because everyone has so much going on so I’m feeling pretty lucky. 

Additionally, they game me a Moleskin. Any job that hands me a Moleskin and a kick ass boss on the first day is good with me. 

More to come as the summer goes on. 

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