The first leg and a half of my insane traveling schedule has not gone to plan. I’m not much worse for wear after all has been said and done, but I am going to work very hard to not piss off the travel ghods again in the future. To that end, and because I’m a little bit of an idiot, I’ve added three more conventions to my schedule. Boskone in February, and Lunacon and Anime Boston in March. Hopefully all of this craziness keeps me from losing any more of my mind while I’m in Japan not hitting the cons that I usually do.

Arisia, unsurprisingly, was amazing. It was great to hangout with friends that I already have, and working the InnKeeper desk helped me make a few more. Including a new friend that pointed out that while fandom might be dead in Manhattan, it certainly isn’t in Brooklyn. Sitting the DC17 table was also good for getting me out of my shell (I know a few of you are still unconvinced that such a shell exists) because you can’t effectively sit a bid table without reaching out to people that you don’t know and talking to them about the bid. I’d rather be a bit uncomfortable than not to my job. The bid dessert parties that we threw also seemed very successful, but I think in the future, two nights of party throwing in a row will be my limit. I was quite done with people come Monday morning.

Getting out of Boston is an adventure that deserves it’s own paragraph. I must first thank profusely Aurora Celeste for getting me to the airport the first time, and Deb Geisler who came and got me from the airport (once it was clear that I was going nowhere for the night due to a delightful winter storm), fed me delicious things, provided great conversation, a warm and wonderful place to sleep, and then a ride back to the airport the next day. Those two ladies are gems, and you should tell them so whenever you see them. If you are a friend on mine on Facebook, you can read about the delays in much more detail with much more questionable language. If not, well, you’ll have to settle for the knowledge that I’m never going to fly anything but Delta again.

I now find myself in Minnesota for the next week wondering why I didn’t just stay in Boston or better yet, escape to Cabo. It’s absolutely freezing here, and family is the only thing that could make these temperatures worth it. I’ll be heading to Supercon this coming weekend which is a relaxacon that I haven’t been to before. I’m looking forward to seeing what that is like and seeing my best friend Jesi and her husband who are driving up.

For now, back to napping. I require a lot more sleep than I used to which is annoying, but also great because you know, warm fuzzy sleep.

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