Unplugged: October 16-22nd, 2017

Right now, I am sitting on a giant cruise ship in Port Canaveral. The ship is the Oasis of the Seas, and in about two hours it will depart on a seven day cruise of the Caribbean with stops in Haiti, Jamaica, and Mexico.

I am very excited about this trip. One of my oldest friends Sydnie will be getting married on this cruise and I am thrilled to celebrate with her. Also, one of my moms, Linda, has come along and we are going to craft the heck out of this cruise.

Why am I telling you this? Because I’m going to be trying my hardest to stay unplugged this week. I wouldn’t bet against me giving in and doing a small check in (hello, there are fresh kittens in my apartment and I’m going to miss Will a LOT), but you also SHOULD NOT count on being able to reach me this week. If there is an emergency, drop Will a line at scifantasty @ gmail.com. He’ll be the first person I check in with if I do check in.

Have a great week, everyone. Check with Will for kitten pictures if you need them. I’ll see you on the flip side with more freckles and a heck-ton of photos. ❤

One response to “Unplugged: October 16-22nd, 2017”

  1. I’ll be on that boat in 2 weeks for a knit/crochet intensive cruise

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