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Capricon 37

I just got the notification from Delta saying that it’s time to check in for my flight tomorrow, which means it’s time for Capricon and I am insanely excited.

There are a number of reasons to be excited – Cap is one of my favorite conventions in the Midwest, I’m always game to visit Chicago, and this year I’m the Fan Guest of Honor at the convention itselfIf you’re a nerd in the area, you should join us. Capricon is always a blast and a great place to meet some of the coolest/nerdiest people in the Chicagoland area.


At the convention I am scheduled for 14 panels/events/etc so I will be doing my usual schtick of running around like a glittery chicken with it’s head cut off. Please do say hello! I may not have much time to chat, but I’d love to see you.

My weekend schedule is below, for those of you who cannot make it to the convention, I’ll be in town until the 25th so please do ping me about hanging out!


Thu 3:30 PM 1hr 30min Birch A-Conventions in the Social Media Age

Thu 8:00 PM 1hr 30min Botanic Garden Ballroom A-Opening Ceremonies

Fri 11:30 AM 1hr 30min Ravina Ballroom C – Art Show Docent Tour

Fri 2:30 PM 1hr 30min Birch B-SF Art Classic vs New Mediums

Fri 4:00 PM 1hr 30min Elm-Kids Paint Space!

Fri 8:30 PM 1hr 30min Ravinia Ballroom A-Random Panel Topic – After Dark Edition

Sat 10:00 AM 1hr 30min Ravina Ballroom C – Art Demo 

Sat 11:30 AM 1hr 30min Birch B-Growing Up in Fandom

Sat 2:30 PM 1hr 30min Willow-To Grey or Not to Grey

Sat 4:00 PM 1hr 30min Birch B-Run a Con and Build Your Resume!

Sat 6:30 PM 1hr 30min Ravinia Ballroom A-Artist Showdown

Sun 12:00 PM 1hr 30min Birch B-Geek Parenting

Sun 1:30 PM 1hr 30min Birch B-And the Children Shall Lead…

Sun 3:00 PM 1hr 30min Botanic Garden Ballroom A-Closing Ceremonies 



I changed my subscription to the SmofList this morning. I will no longer be getting the emails. It’s just not worth it anymore. 

My mother had me added to the list several years ago. When I joined, I was excited. Finally, a spot at the ‘grown up’ table. The chance to join conversations on how to make fandom and conventions better. To learn from great people with more experience that I’d looked up to for years. 

The List at present is much different than the list that I joined. Since I’ve only been on the list for several years, I asked a friend if they’d ever seen it this bad. They said that they had seen the list this hot before, and that it’s gotten hotter for longer before, but they weren’t sure that it had ever stayed this hot for this long. There are no more productive conversations. There are endless arguments and conversations that are derailed by people trying to make a light joke to make things easier. Very few people are friendly, and it feels like everyone (not just new members) feel like they are under attack. I wanted a channel to continue communication that started in the consuite, and in the bridge, and The List is no longer that. 

This weekend I went to Smofcon and I found out that one of the people that I wanted to engage with no longer even reads The List because its so toxic. That was at once so, relieving and so disappointing. I’ve been sticking around this shitty place where this person isn’t even going anymore?! But on the other hand I can finally leave! 

Deleting all of the unread threads in my inbox was magical. It felt just as good as knowing I’d done a good thing for fandom. 

I’m looking forward to spending more time actually doing things, than talking and arguing in circles about them. 

New York, New York.

I had a fabulous time in Toronto. Utterly fabulous. The conversations were breathtaking. You could suggest that I’m exaggerating, but I’d have to disagree. The level of conversation that I experienced this weekend was nothing short of amazing. 

That being said, I am really glad to be back in New York. 

I may not be crazy about loving here, but I missed Will a lot and one of my favorite travel experiences is flying up Manhattan and seeing the blinking amber jewels on the field of black velvet. It’s nice that it’s one of the things I get when coming home. 

I got my new passport this morning after managing to interrupt some film that was shooting outside of the Passport Office and it seems that the travel karma was on my side as my new picture is actually a really good one! I’ll post a picture tomorrow after I pick it up. Now I want to sleep for a week, but since the movers are coming by Friday to discuss things…that’s just not going to work. 

It hit my like a ton of bricks last night just how big this move to Japan is. That these two weeks are all I have left with Will before we go off on Christmas Vacation and then he is gone. Four months by himself on another continent.  It’s frustrating that we’re right back to being long distance. I know that we can deal with it. We’ve done it before, and there are countless other couples out there dealing with the same situations or worse, but that knowledge doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. And it’s interesting that it feels like we have such little time left when we used to only have weekends together. 

My brain is too frazzled to write about anything more substantial after all the travel fun, so I think I’ll grab a book and watch the snow fall. 

Corporate Fandom

I was at Smofcon this weekend in Toronto and had a fabulous time. Saturday I was on the ‘Song of the South Ate My Life’ with Colin Harris and one of the questions caught me completely by surprise.

The person, whose name I have completely forgotten (I’m not actually sure I ever knew it…) asked me if my work on Social Media for other conventions had negatively impacted my own personal levels of interaction with Social Media. Basically, do I still post on my own feeds anymore?

Well, clearly the answer when it comes to blogging is yes. I have so much less time to document my thoughts, or hell, even spend the time to fully form them because something is always going on with one of the conventions on social media that I need to be monitoring. Some people are surprised by the idea that it takes so much time to properly keep track of the various accounts I run. “But it’s just…Facebook! How hard could it be?”

The average person in the United States spend between thirty minutes to two hours a day online on Social Media sites. That’s for their personal stuff. Think about how much time it takes to stay up to date online and to post and read everything you do. Now multiply that by four. The way that I manage the social media accounts for the cons that I work on demands just as much work. Now, yes, I could manage them in different ways, but I think those other time saving management styles wouldn’t be as good for Worldcon, and since this is a rough time for conventions with social media, time and attention must be paid.

But I do feel the pinch, so to speak. Weekends I take off are especially sweet because I can monitor my own networks and not have to worry about others. Con weekends are especially sweet because I can ignore it completely and talk to people. I have officially declared that 2016 is the last year that I will be working on Social Media for conventions. Kansas City is near and dear to my heart, and it’s important to me that they get it right. So, if you have any desire to learn how to work on Social Media for Worldcon, please feel free to reach out. I’d love to teach you. Hell, if you want Social Media advice for any level of convention, I’d be more than willing to help you out. I’ve been doing this for coming up on three years now, and by the end of things, I’ll have five years of experience that I’d love to pass on. Maybe I’ll write a (very short) book about it.

More on Smofcon later, but I had a wonderful time. There were many great conversations and I met a ton of new people (young and old) that I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with.