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Running Out Of Time

There are a lot of things that I should probably be writing about right now. Explaining what’s been happening in my life for the last month, thanking every person on the planet for making that happen, telling you our plans for the next few months, but I can’t. I’ll work on getting to that later.

Right now the urge to create something is bursting out of my fingers, and I am so incredibly frustrated because the only thing I can do about that right now is write about it. I’m at work, and while work at an agency is great because there is a lot of flexibility, I’m still at work.

I want to draw, I want to sew, paint, sing, anything, and I can’t. I don’t have the time. When I get home from work, I have things to do. Some cleaning, cooking (which I know can be art, but it isn’t mine), dealing with the cat and then dear sweet lord, I’m exhausted. Cats, man. 

But on top of this frustration, comes new perspective. How many kids get home from school and grumble (or at least think to themselves) “My parents just don’t get it, I’m an artist. I need to create. They just don’t understand.” And they do. Maybe they don’t talk about it, but they do understand. But they also understand the bills and the billing system at work and the need to put food on the table.

And that ladies and gentlemen is why I support the arts just as much as I do the military (not that I have much choice on the latter.) Because yeah, everybody needs to put in their fair share, but who says that creating art isn’t just as valid as crunching tax numbers or going to war? You save someone from bullets? They save someone from feeling nothing. You keep me from fucking up my taxes and they keep you from wandering through life without seeing and understanding beauty.

Right now, I’m going to turn around and finish the deck that’s due Monday. But after work? I’m heading to the craft store.

Summer Internship

Since the interview and rejection process hasn’t started yet, I can’t really say that it’s hard to find a job. But after today, it’s going to be hard to decide what job I want. There is just so much to be passionate about. 

I am passionate about Media Planning. And Media Buying. And Event Marketing. And Account Management. And Social Media. God, do I love Social Media. I want to live forever so I can do it all! (Which, I realize sounds lame because not many people want to work forever.)

I went to Off Broadway today, which is a set of agency tours put together by my school’s ad club, AdInk, and I’ve come away absolutely certain that the advertising world is exactly where I should be. It’s my job version of the romantic “the one.” At each agency I was inspired by the work I saw and the people I talked to. 

I’ve got a million people telling me to slow down and take it easy. “You’ll regret rushing through these years. They’ll be the best days of your life,” they say. But I can’t help wanting to be out there, doing something. Filled with knowledge from experience and making ideas come to life. And not so secretly I wonder about those people who warn me. What kind of life must they have to want to go back? I’m sure the bills suck (I’m certainly not looking forward to them), but there’s got to be more to life than that. Right? There’s work to be passionate about. People to love. Life to live. Please don’t tell me if I’m wrong. I’m not sure my optimistic little heart could take it. 

Time to sign off. I’ve got to update my resume and start non-awkwardly stalking the amazing people today in hopes that one day they might help me get a job or even hire me. 

And oh yeah, I might have some homework, too.